Monday, April 7, 2014

Round Top Comes to a Close..

It's officially over.. My first trip to Round Top has come to a close and I can't wait to experience it again soon! This will definitely not be my last trip down here, but next time I'm bringing a truck and someone strong to carry my finds :). My last day at Round Top I spent in the actual town of Round Top exploring some of the sites, enjoying world famous pie, and looking for hidden treasures in the countless booths set up around the town square.

The town had many historical landmarks around it that added to the overall history and ambiance of the place. It was gorgeous! This church was very neat. It was moved to this location from a rural town and was once used as the church and also a one room school house. I loved the stained glass and also the shape and color of the front door.

Throughout the day there were so many things to see!! Here are some of my favorites along the way. Make sure you check our Facebook page as well for more of my photos:

If you've never been to Texas Antiques Week it is a must see! Lisa and I tried our best to get through absolutely everything, but the amount of vendors was absolutely crazy! Thank you to all that have been following my adventures throughout the past week. Now I get to enjoy another week of vacation before I head back to Iowa.. hopefully I'll bring back some of this Texas sunshine with me! 

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Round Top Day 3!

Gosh this week has gone so fast! Time flies when you're having fun, I guess! Today we started out at the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters, as they call it. My mom and I have been following the Gypsies from the start of their TV series and love their show. Their property was awesome!! It was fun seeing their homes and their outside decor that I've seen so many times on each episode. To say that this place was a tourist attraction would be a definite understatement. There were people everywhere!!

Inside they had all kinds of clothes and merchandise as well as some great displays and unique vintage items to go with. It was fun to see, but I'd love to go back when there aren't so many people! Isn't their landscaping great too?! Check out the vintage plates that line their flower beds! So neat!

We also ventured to a location called Excess.. Sounds cool, right? It was! This was another 'visual overload' location, but I loved it. So many awesome huge displays with very unique vintage pieces. They also had tons of French and European vintage furniture that I was drooling over in each booth... Here are some photos from some of the vendors in this location!

I love finding old patterns... My grandma Judy taught me how to sew for 4-H when I was younger and I can remember the fun of going to the fabric store to pick out my 4-H project patterns for the year... Even if I hated every minute of the sewing process, every time I see a pattern it brings back those memories... I'd never seen patterns quite like these before...They are very vintage! 

After the more higher end booths, I made Lisa follow me over to the more flea market type favorite for uncovering all kinds of treasures...the more rust the better... You never know what you are going to find!! Patience is key :)

And of course I'm a sucker for old bottles.. These were a more violet purple color and would look great displayed as a group with varying heights... We did a lot of looking today, but I saw a lot of great and unique items... I have SO many pictures left to post from the last three days. Much more inspiration to come.. It's supposed to rain tomorrow (the last day of Round Top), so Lisa and I are planning to get up early and head to another flea market close to Austin... All of you that know me are probably laughing when I say 'Get up early', but I've been doing pretty well this week :). It's worth it for Junk!!!

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Happy Junkin'!!!


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Round Top Day 2!

Day two has come and gone! It was a windy one today and a warm one. I know all of my friends from home are hating me right now, but I am taking full advantage of the weather and wearing shorts and flip flops at all times :). Yesterday I focused a little more on just one location, but today I am going to give you a collection of fun things I saw during our adventures today. When I say "our" I am referring to my awesome other aunt Lisa and myself. Lisa lives in Austin and is doing the Round Top experience with me. She is my tour guide for the weekend and has been trying to keep up with my wandering shopping habits!

One place I knew I wanted to go to when I came to Round Top was Zapp Hall. My mom and I are fans of the Junk Gypsy television show on HGTV, so that's where I had heard of this location. It was a mismash of all kinds of booths filled with great junk from all over the US! I even found some Iowa folks in the mix. One of my favorite unique items I saw was this old scoreboard...

What an awesome view, right?!

After Zapp Hall, we were off to Marburger Farms Antique Show. Pulling up to this location was crazy! Tons of large tents filled with so many vendors. This has got to be my favorite location so far. SO much visual inspiration it was making my head spin. Here are some of my snapshots from the day. Marburger through my eyes, you could say!

Love this color pallette..
These old clock faces were very neat from Sweet Pea Home!

Amy has her Deer obsession... I have my clocks :)
A very cool tablescape and lights!

Day two is in the books and was definitely a success. Tomorrow is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous, so Lisa and I are planning another day full as long as our legs are still functioning by then.. I definitely should have done some pre-Round Top work out sessions to prepare for all of the walking ;)! Something to remember for next time, I guess. Make sure you are following us on Instagram for more posts throughout the day tomorrow!

Happy Junkin'!!


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Round Top Day 1!

After a long first day at Round Top, I am finally sitting down and relaxing! I wasn't quite sure what to expect when we pulled into the small town with a population of only 90 people, but I was definitely surprised! Today, my aunt Lisa and I spent a majority of our time around the Zapp Hall area, which I'll share some pictures of tomorrow. Tonight I want to share photos from Amy's good friend Gina's property, The Rendezvous, right outside of Round Top. When Gina told Amy and me that she had purchased a location outside of Round Top for Antiques Week, I knew it would be amazing, but it was way beyond what I was expecting! We pulled up and saw the sign propped up in the back of an old pickup truck...

I mean, come on, isn't the sign awesome?! Here are some pictures from the location...  

I will say, the food was delicious! My favorite was this sweet treat by a Shaved Ice food trailer called Shivers.. The Signature Rendezvous Shaved Ice.. Lemon and Lavender flavored with a lavender garnish.. So yummy! They also had homemade chicken salad sandwiches and homemade ding dongs... You know me, all about the food! :)

This is only the first year and the beginning of The Rendezvous. I can't wait to see how it develops and grows in the future!!

Overall, my first Round Top adventure was a success.. Now we're back at it tomorrow with another day full of junk! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook for live updates all day!!

Until Tomorrow, Wish me luck!!!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Product of the Week: Inspiring Gratitude Gifts

"A life lived in Gratitude is a quiet joy"

It seems like in the Springtime is when there are a lot of birthday celebrations. I always find myself scrambling to find gifts for friends. A scarf is usually a safe bet for my friends, but sometimes I like to give them something a little different..

This week's product of the week is perfect for those friends that inspire you or maybe those friends that need a little pick-me-up. This week we are featuring our new inspiring Gratitude Gifts. 

"The Penny reminds us that life is full of hope; it inspires Gratitude and ignites Abundance."

These products are all about remembering to be grateful. They are each themed around the penny and "Inspiring Gratitude One Penny at a Time". 

These gifts provide a perfect reminder to be thankful for each day.

This photo above is our Gratitude Jar, perfect for collecting pennies.

Then we have the necklace in a bottle gift. These necklaces are all sterling silver. The delicate ball chain is sterling as well as the sterling silver charm. They are packaged in these cute glass corked bottles with an inspirational message.

They also feature a penny at the bottom and after you take your necklace out of the jar can be used to collect pennies as another Gratitude reminder.

We also have a ring in a bottle gift. These rings are also sterling silver and packaged the same as the necklaces. These rings can be worn as a mid-knuckle ring or can be worn regularly.

My favorite gift is the A Penny for Your Thoughts journal. This is a very nice leather bound journal. It features a penny pocket on the front. Inside the pages are unlined and feature inspiring quotes throughout the journal. The perfect gift for your guy or girl friend!

Questions about these products? Let us know! Step out of the box and try something different this year for your friend's birthday or give them a special gift to brighten their day. These products are perfect for that!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Product of the Week: Handwoven Bags

This week's product of the week is brand new to The Nest!

Introducing our new line of Handwoven bags. These new bags come with an interesting story. The founders of the company that distributes these bags had a goal to change lives in countries full of poverty and starvation. They saw the best way to do this was to motivate those impoverished people and give them opportunities to make life better for themselves and their families. The founders found these opportunities in India. When traveling, they discovered the great handmade artisans of India and saw this as a business opportunity to join with these artisans and expand their businesses, which in turn opened up jobs in production and design. Long story short, these bags are handwoven and hand stamped with wood blocks by the people of India. When you buy one of these bags, wallets, or key fobs you are not just buying another mass produced good, you are helping out an individual in India, helping them have a job, and helping them to see opportunity in their lives.

Included in this line are Hippy Bags, Cross Body Hip Bags, Zippered Wallets, and Braided Key Fobs. Each piece comes in a different hand stamped pattern. Patterns include:

(L-R) Tribal, Heritage Blue, Boho Flower, Scalloped Cross, and Elephant Grey Chevron

Check the website for which style is available in each pattern. When Amy and I saw these fun bright patterns at Market, we had to have them! I love carrying my Heritage Blue Hippy Bag and using my Heritage Blue Key Fob. Amy just got back from Vegas where she carried her Elephant Grey Chevron Hippy Bag and said it was very comfortable wearing for long periods of time!

We encourage you to try one of these great bags! Not only will you be carrying an adorable bag, but you will be helping the artisans and people of India. 

Questions? Let us know!