Monday, March 17, 2014

Product of the Week: Handwoven Bags

This week's product of the week is brand new to The Nest!

Introducing our new line of Handwoven bags. These new bags come with an interesting story. The founders of the company that distributes these bags had a goal to change lives in countries full of poverty and starvation. They saw the best way to do this was to motivate those impoverished people and give them opportunities to make life better for themselves and their families. The founders found these opportunities in India. When traveling, they discovered the great handmade artisans of India and saw this as a business opportunity to join with these artisans and expand their businesses, which in turn opened up jobs in production and design. Long story short, these bags are handwoven and hand stamped with wood blocks by the people of India. When you buy one of these bags, wallets, or key fobs you are not just buying another mass produced good, you are helping out an individual in India, helping them have a job, and helping them to see opportunity in their lives.

Included in this line are Hippy Bags, Cross Body Hip Bags, Zippered Wallets, and Braided Key Fobs. Each piece comes in a different hand stamped pattern. Patterns include:

(L-R) Tribal, Heritage Blue, Boho Flower, Scalloped Cross, and Elephant Grey Chevron

Check the website for which style is available in each pattern. When Amy and I saw these fun bright patterns at Market, we had to have them! I love carrying my Heritage Blue Hippy Bag and using my Heritage Blue Key Fob. Amy just got back from Vegas where she carried her Elephant Grey Chevron Hippy Bag and said it was very comfortable wearing for long periods of time!

We encourage you to try one of these great bags! Not only will you be carrying an adorable bag, but you will be helping the artisans and people of India. 

Questions? Let us know!

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