Friday, April 4, 2014

Round Top Day 3!

Gosh this week has gone so fast! Time flies when you're having fun, I guess! Today we started out at the Junk Gypsy World Headquarters, as they call it. My mom and I have been following the Gypsies from the start of their TV series and love their show. Their property was awesome!! It was fun seeing their homes and their outside decor that I've seen so many times on each episode. To say that this place was a tourist attraction would be a definite understatement. There were people everywhere!!

Inside they had all kinds of clothes and merchandise as well as some great displays and unique vintage items to go with. It was fun to see, but I'd love to go back when there aren't so many people! Isn't their landscaping great too?! Check out the vintage plates that line their flower beds! So neat!

We also ventured to a location called Excess.. Sounds cool, right? It was! This was another 'visual overload' location, but I loved it. So many awesome huge displays with very unique vintage pieces. They also had tons of French and European vintage furniture that I was drooling over in each booth... Here are some photos from some of the vendors in this location!

I love finding old patterns... My grandma Judy taught me how to sew for 4-H when I was younger and I can remember the fun of going to the fabric store to pick out my 4-H project patterns for the year... Even if I hated every minute of the sewing process, every time I see a pattern it brings back those memories... I'd never seen patterns quite like these before...They are very vintage! 

After the more higher end booths, I made Lisa follow me over to the more flea market type favorite for uncovering all kinds of treasures...the more rust the better... You never know what you are going to find!! Patience is key :)

And of course I'm a sucker for old bottles.. These were a more violet purple color and would look great displayed as a group with varying heights... We did a lot of looking today, but I saw a lot of great and unique items... I have SO many pictures left to post from the last three days. Much more inspiration to come.. It's supposed to rain tomorrow (the last day of Round Top), so Lisa and I are planning to get up early and head to another flea market close to Austin... All of you that know me are probably laughing when I say 'Get up early', but I've been doing pretty well this week :). It's worth it for Junk!!!

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Happy Junkin'!!!


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