Saturday, July 28, 2012

A peek at my style...

I thought I would share a little peek around my home.  I love little stuff, I always have, so I created small vignettes of things throughout my home.  Some of the little treasures belonged to my Grandmother's some I have just picked up here and there.  The photos are not the best as I have alot to learn with my new camera but I hope you still enjoy a little part of me!

 I bought this amazing window from Barb(Simply Iowa) a few years ago at a show before we moved into our new home.  I knew right where it was going as soon as I saw it.  I have quite a few of her gatherings throughout the house that I have purchased over the years.

I found this vintage bowling pin, that I love, years ago while antiquing.  It moves around alot but I always have a special place for it. 

As you can see I love muted colors, different textures, weathered elements and anything that has soul.   I never know what I am looking for I just know it when I see it or it just speaks to me.  And this philosophy is usually what I follow when I am gathering goods for the shop, I simply buy what I like and it seems to all flow together in the end.  I always hope you love what I have found as much as I do.

I hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of some of the things I love and hope it has also brought you some inspiration for your home.



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