Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Surprises in the Garden...

Our summer has been extremely dry here in Iowa and so many things have suffered in the garden.  The flowerbeds at the store(now warehouse) have been very neglected this year.  Besides lack of rain, I have not had time to weed them and they are a mess!  I go over everyday to feed the kitties that still live there and it was a nice surprise to see some new life in the garden.

This is a plant I bought at a yard sale years ago and was told it's name is Snow on the Mountain.  There is a groundcover by that name but this is different.  It starts as a spindly green sprout in the Spring that comes up anywhere it pleases, then in late summer the white varigated leaves and tiny flowers appears on a tall green stalk.  It is normally at least 18"-24" tall but this year it is maybe 10" but still very showy.

 These next two photos are of my Sweet Autumn Clematis or the living beast as I call it.  It grows so thick and wildly that it is hard to control.  For some reason it has decided to spread itself where ever it wants to and has kind of become a pest.  But it is such a nice addition to the garden at this time of year when it blooms white and sends it's wonderful sweet scent into the air.  It is just starting to show a few blossoms and I will be sure to share of photo of it in full bloom later.

The Chinese Lantern...a showy addition for Fall and a great addition to your Autumn displays.  These were planted by my husband's grandmother, Odetta, that used to live here.  They pop up all over every year and if you are not carefull will take over. 

I love when these decide to bloom.  Surprise or Resurrection Lillies, as they are sometimes called, pop-up at this time of year and truely are a sweet surprise!  These were also planted by Odetta or possibly her in-laws that lived here prior to her.  If you are not familiar with them the green foliage grows tall and proud in the Spring then slowly dies back as Summer carries on.  Then once you have forgotten the the plants exist they pop out of the ground to say hello.  A vary old fashioned flower that is often the only thing left behind at an old homestead where all buildings and other signs of life have been torn down but these beauties often remain. 

Here they are in the middle of the yard.  I always mow around the foilage in the Spring to make sure I will be treated by these blooms later on.

Have you checked to see you what if your garden has any surprises for you?

Enjoy nature's beauty! 


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