Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pin-spiration Tuesday!

Our first ever Pin-spiration Tuesday is here!
These post will be an inspiration board of themed pins...

This week's theme is.... Faux Deer Heads!

I know what our local readers are thinking.. "seriously, this post is perfect for my husband.." but we are not talking about taxidermy deer heads, ladies. These deer heads are a big trend this year. I know Amy is obsessed with them! Here are some examples:

This gold deer gives a rustic look to this display along with the vintage dresser.
This white deer adds to this industrial display. I love that gear as well!
This is one of my favorite deer made out of drift wood! This would look great above a mantle or in my living room.

If you're not quite sure about displaying an actual deer head in your home, get some inspiration from deer pillows and more themed accessories.

Amy even has a deer shirt she wears all of the time... Obsession I tell ya!

This faux deer head is displayed in Amy's home and was for sale at The Nest during the Holiday season.. The unique part about this faux deer head is that it has holes in the top of its head so you can put your own sticks in for antlers!

Besides looking great, these deer will add a rustic look to your home decor.. They're perfect! 
Do you have a faux deer head in your house? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. If mine are not FAUX can I still consider myself on trend?? LOL!!! Let me know if you can still order the OH DEER t-shirts - LOVE IT!!!! So excited to be able to come along for the ride with you ladies : )