Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Junk Jubilee 2012 - What a blast!

We had a great time showing our goods at the 2012 Junk Jubilee in Des Moines, IA this past weekend.  The girls put on an outstanding show!  We met so many great people, saw some amazing junk, took in lots of inspiration & just had such a good time!  If you didn't make it to this show you must make it to the next one!  We are so lucky to have a quality show like this in our area. 

Here are some photos of our booth!

Our Booth from the outside at Junk Jubilee.

Quilt Pillows!

In the upcoming month, we will be adding lots of new product to the website, so keep an eye out! Like us on Facebook!


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  1. Love your booth. You had so many wonderful treasures!