Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DIY Project #1

Hello everyone!

If you haven't read the last blog post, my name is Bailey and I am helping Amy this summer. I've spent the last couple weeks adding tons of new product to the website, so if you haven't seen it yet, head over to the website and check out the New Arrivals! Along with adding product, I have also been junking and finding great DIY projects to share. My DIY project number one is an old painting transformation.
First, I will start out by saying that I am the kind of person that tends to make everything as difficult as possible. I think it's a creative tendency!
Everyone has seen an ugly or "unique" picture at a garage sale or flea market that made them stop and think, "Wow, did someone really have that in their house?!" My friend Amy found this picture at a garage sale for $5. I decided to make it into a unique piece of wall art. Here is a Before picture:

I am a pinterest addict, so I found this great tutorial there. The link is:

Here's my finished product!:

This project was extremely easy, but as I said before, I make easy things difficult. It said on the tutorial to use precut letters, but instead I decided to make my own using contact paper. It took a long time to do! The painting I used also had raised paint on it, making the contact paper not stick so I did a lot of post letter peeling clean up. Other than that I thought this project was a lot of fun! 

Today I will be adding more new and old products to the website. Friday, Amy and I are off to Barb at Simply Iowa's Memorial Day Sale, so we should have lots of "new" unique antique items for the website next week!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!


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