Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy May Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful May Day! I am not sure if many of you acknowledge it but it brings back such fond childhood memories for me. I had such fun making & delivering my May Baskets to my Mom & Grandmother. The thrill of sneaking to the door to leave the handmade paper cone full of flowers(usually violets or dandelions) for them to find & Mom always acting so surprised! :) Today my daughter & I delivered our quickly made paper cones filled with freshly picked Lily of the Valley. She had alot of fun leaving them on their door handles & then hiding but couldn't wait to jump out & give out hugs once their doors were answered! I captured this photo of the Alliums just beginning to bloom today. They were started by my husband's grandmother many years ago & just continue to seed themselves anywhere they wish. I just love them! Normally the Flowering Almond bush is blooming at the same time which makes the garden even more beautiful. But everything is blooming early this year & it just got done showing off it's blooms(sorry I forgot to take a picture), the same goes for the bleeding heart that was unbelievably huge this year. But it doesn't matter because these really do steal the show on their own!
This rusty old wagon was my husband's grandmother's. She used it to haul everything but it finally had to be retired after one of it's back wheels fell off. I just love it filled with pansies & old broken pots greeting everyone that walks up the sidewalk.

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  1. Awww Amy everything looks so great! Flowers are the best part of spring. It's a treat after long winters!