Friday, June 26, 2009

It's the simple things...

This is the first result of alot of sweat, body aches & a little swearing. :) This area is on the end of the barn that is next to the store & was filled with horse weeds when the project began. When it was still cool I pulled all of the horse weeds(I wish I had a before picture) then between the rains the bed was rototilled & yesterday in the 95 degree heat I covered it with mulch. Although I really didn't have the time, I couldn't leave it without doing a little display!!! Let me tell you I was in my happy place fixing this up! I have bigger ideas for this new space including adding more perennials & more junk which I will share with you as the space progresses. (And, yes, all of the "junk" you see is for sale!) I can't tell you how many times I have imagined how cool this area could be but I could never get ahead of those darn horse weeds! The funny thing is no one can really see this area unless they wander into the backyard of the store, so I guess it is more for me to enjoy. :) So any of you stopping by feel free to wander! Don't ya just love the old rusted tin!!!
Ahhh, it's the simple things that make me happy...


  1. One more reason I need to come to see you! Looks super cute!

  2. It sounds like a lot of hard work..but the result is wonderful!

  3. And now the days turn off cool...does it ever fail...but how cute is that...I keep waiting for you to open up that end of the machine shed after all the boxes are never ends!

    We are sick and addicted!!! Don't ya just love it!